“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – “Closing Time” by Semisonic

I’ve spent my life searching for my place in Media Arts. I’ve been an editor and content creator for decades, and for the past few years I’ve been focusing on finishing. Finishing projects, finishing tests, finishing college, etc. As I raced to finish my delayed BA for the first time I could actually see the finish line. I battled thru every obstacle that crossed my path and now that everything is finished, I find myself at the beginning again. Still trying to get in where I fit in, and have a sustainable career in a field that has always been a part of me.

The whole process reminds me of the first time I won Super Mario Land. While basking in my glory as the credits rolled the “START” screen appeared again. I was shocked and confused. I had FINISHED!; why would I need to START?!
As I played the game again, I realized that while things in general were still the same a lot had changed. It’s taken me a few months to get here, but I’m ready to START again.

I’m not starting from scratch, or starting over, I’ve just been given a new start.