KBS World TV’s The Return of Superman

One of my favorite Korean shows is not a drama. It is a family show called The Return of Superman. It follows celebrity fathers as they navigate through the adventure of fatherhood while their wives are away. Though the main focus of the show is the fathers the real stars of the show are the kids.

They might be small, but they all have big personalities.


Professional soccer player Lee Donggook has the biggest family on the show; even though his eldest twin daughters Lee Jaesi and Lee Jaeah are not featured:

Twins Lee Seola & Lee Sooa:

and his only son Lee Sian aka Daebak:


Comedian and host Lee Hwijae is father to another set of twins:

Lee Seoeon & Lee Seojun:


Actor Ki Tae-young and his daughter Kim Rohee:


Businessman/Former Idol-Singer Ko Ji-yong and his son Ko Seungjae:


Television Personality Sam Hammington’s son William Hammington/ Jung Taeoh is the youngest child on the show, but won’t be for long.

He has a sibling on the way.



No matter what language you speak everyone is fluent in cute, and it’s always fun to see what is going on in their little lives.